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Welcome to sorting__hat, a livejournal.com sorting community! In this community, you'll have the chance to be sorted by other LJ users/Harry Potter fans. You must apply to be accepted. After you've been sorted, you join our main community at sortinghat_main; also, please join your house's common room - you will be given a link when you are officially stamped.

Please read the rules and fill out the proper application!! Please keep in mind that you must be 13 years of age or older to join (these are Livejournal's rules).

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1. Please be respectful to others. Also, try to keep vulgar language to a minimum. Respect includes sorting applicants. Blatantly rude comments posted on any application will be deleted without warning. The Headmistress encourages you to share your opinions in a dignified manner. This rule does not change if you are voting Squib. They still hold the right to re-apply. The first time one of your comments is deleted, I (the Headmistress) will give you a warning, the second time will result in a major dock of points which I'm sure your house will not appreciate, and if you continue to make rude comments you will be expelled.

2. Place large entries partially or fully under an LJ-cut.

3. The maintainer holds the right to ban, cut, kick out, etc. any member at any time. The following are obvious offenses you should not commit: spamming of non-HP related things, disregarding of the rules, and disrespecting of other members, and posting anything other than an application in the sorting journal.

4. Do not leave comments on applications unless you are voting.

5. If you are applying to the community, there is a possibility members will vote Squib. If you are Squibb-ed you have the chance to reapply, but ONLY after the Headmistress officially stamps you, and then you must wait a week.

6. Applicants are not allowed to delete votes or comments on their application. We will know if you did it, so don't.

7. All stories must be posted in the following manner
Word Count:

8. They should also be placed under a cut if they are over 250 words

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Headmistress: Jill polkadotsquared
Hello all...I'm your Head and I tend to pop in and out with interesting challenges and questions for you all. I still don't think I'm the best person to be your Head, however, I am reliably informed by many that they love me and I do my job well, and since I enjoy it I'll continue. Here at sorting__hat I like to think of us as a family, and I love getting to know all of you and keeping up to date with you all. I'll answer any and all questions, no matter if you think they're stupid or pointless...my email is always there (polkadotsquared at livejournal.com), or you could AIM me at squaredotpolka.

Deputy Headmistress: Cyn cyn_ful
Hi all! In case we haven't figured it out, I'm Cyn. I am the deputy head that likes to harass and beg and plead for drabbles, one-shots, fanart, or anything of the sort. Please feel free to message me if you have a problem aim: cynfulrose

Official Caretaker Pet Goldfish: Nathaniel ganimede
Hello everyone! I am Nathaniel, Pet Goldfish to the lovely Cyn and Jill. I can award points and set challenges as well as looking after the communities and students. I'm the one you can come to if you've got any problems or concerns that you don't want to take to a Headly-type of person. It's quite a responsibility! I'm online every night so feel free to get in touch with me. I'm on AIM as GanimedeUK or you can e-mail me at ganimede at livejournal.com.

Head Girl: Becky endilwen_09

Linda phoenixrose34

Bridget brimac13

Tina trampolinegirl

Amanda wizardriddle

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