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Just What Mates Do

Title: Just What Mates Do
Rating: PG
Author: Christie // sam_can_do_it
House: Ravenclaw
Word Count: 1702
Warning: AU No magic everything else gets explained in the fic
AN: Written for tellmeakiss day 16 prompt "wings" this is entirely from James’ POV! This is very different than my normal writing style. I hope it worked!
AN2: Posting it here just to because I think it's a good idea and I'm sorta ridiculously proud of this fic!

Hey, my name is Potter, James Potter. Sorry, I had to do that, I’ve never really done a soliloquy before. Is this a soliloquy? Aren’t they supposed to just be introspective? Alright, so I just looked it up and I’m supposed to be talking to myself if it’s a soliloquy and that would make me just a bit mental. I’m talking to you all. Maybe this is just a monologue. Not the point I guess. So, I shall move forward with my story now. It’s about my room mate, Sirius Black.

We’ve shared a dorm for… Bloody Hell, has it really been 9 years? We met on the train to our uptight boarding school when we were eleven. Contrary to popular belief, we weren’t best mates instantly, nor did our relationship start with a brawl. We ended up as room mates by the luck of the draw and we were scared little sprogs, though we never would have admitted it. We were friends by proximity. It just lasted. Then as we got older and his father decided Sirius was going to be a brilliant business man just like his father and my father decided I was going to be a brilliant barrister, we both decided Oxford would be our best bet and we decided getting a flat together was the right way to go. This is all just background. The real story begins during summer hols after our second year at Oxford.

Neither of us like to go home so we make excuses to our parents about working and taking summer courses, it’s complete bullocks, but then we have our summers. I’ll admit, however, that I have spent a great deal less time with Sirius over the past two summers. It’s all Lily’s fault, beautiful Lily Evans. She went to the same stuffy boarding school as Sirius and me. She pretended to hate me and I pretended not to care. Sirius will never admit it, but I know he did something. He talked to her or something like that and she stopped hating me and started talking to me. I really love Lily; I bought the ring, but that’s not this story. This is my story of paying Sirius back for whatever he did that got me Lily.

The thing is, I spent a great deal of my free time at Lily’s flat. She didn’t like ours. She says it smells; I tell her we’re men and our flat is supposed to smell. All that time over at Lily’s caused me to miss something important. I discovered it by accident when I came home earlier then he had expected me. I was across the street and I watched him kiss his one night stand good-bye. His one night stand was a man. He was maybe a year or two younger than us, eighteen or nineteen. Sirius was a shirt-lifter. Sorry, that’s one of those bad ways of saying it, right? Sirius was gay. Well, naturally I panicked. That is my natural first reaction to everything! I busted into our flat screaming like a bloody maniac. We didn’t speak for two days, which was doubly miserable because I had also pissed Lily off. Basically I lived in my room for the tenure of our fight. Finally, I decided I was capable of being calm. I went to his room and knocked on the door. The second he’d opened the door I basically screamed ‘I’m sorry’ right into his face. He rolled his eyes and smacked me gently and everything went back to normal, sort of. He was definitely a bit more tetchy than normal. I thought for sure it was residual effects of our battle. I made Lily come with me and follow him to a bar. I wanted to prove that I really was fine with his queerness. I honestly freaked because he hadn’t told me. When we got to the bar, I realized how wrong I was.

As it turns out, Sirius is an attractive bloke. He was turning men down for dances and blow-jobs and shags all night. The entire night he sat at the bar, staring at this bloke dancing in one of the cages. At last call, the dancers got down and that’s when Sirius left the bar. He approached the bloke, who was wearing just a pair of red boxer briefs and glitter. He had his charm turned all the way up, but the bloke turned him down. The really shocking thing is that the bloke was blushing. The bloke who was dancing around in nearly nothing all night was blushing. That’s when I came over to talk to Sirius. I think he nearly had a stroke when he saw me.

That night, we talked. We talked for hours. Lily told me that birds do it all the time. Well, believe me when I say blokes don’t. When Sirius and I bond, as Lily calls it, we eat curry, drink ale and watch a football. We’d never talked like this. The thing is, I can see us having more conversations like this. It’s sort of neat. Anyway, we talked. I explained why I’d gone all nutters on him at first and he hugged me. He just up and hugged me! Then, he told me about the bloke in the cage. His name was Remus J. Lupin, and Sirius was in love. We’re not talking thirteen-year-old girl love. We’re talking IT! That thing that makes your stomach fill up with lead butterflies. This Remus bloke was a year older than us. He also went to Oxford and had been in some literature class Sirius had taken. Apparently, he’s as brilliant as he is beautiful. Now, I’m straight, but I can see that this bloke was good looking. He’s also from a very poor family and was a scholarship student. Unfortunately his scholarships didn’t cover everything. In fact, they barely covered anything. Therefore, Remus worked three jobs during the hols and two during term. One of the jobs involved fact checking at a local newspaper. One involved waiting tables. The last, of course, involved dancing, nearly starkers, in a cage at a bar.

Sirius explained that Remus never went home with anyone. He was always claiming that he was too busy. Sirius also said that he almost got Remus to go out with him, but he’d blundered. He was meeting Remus to work on some project for that class, which was two terms ago. They met at some coffee shop and Remus had been really distracted. Apparently Remus’ father had lost his job and Remus thought he may have to drop out to go and help his family. Sirius didn’t realize he was saying anything wrong, but he offered to pay Remus’ tuition and living expenses and then Remus could send his salaries home to his parents. Sirius didn’t mean to crush Remus’ pride. Honestly, Sirius is so, ridiculously wealthy, that paying for Remus wouldn’t even register in the bank books. I’m not near that wealthy. Hence, I get why that would bother Remus. It took nearly two weeks for Sirius to get Remus to speak to him. They were able to see each others points, but things had gotten decidedly colder between the two. Hence, Sirius turned to stalking.

This is where my payback comes in. I had a long weekend to accomplish my task. Sirius had to go home for his brother’s… something or other. I don’t really remember. Sirius’ brother is a miserable little prat. Anyhow, I went to the bar that night, and talked to Remus. I told him that I wasn’t trying to pick him up or anything but I asked him if he’d have tea with me. He said no at first, but I was very persistent. He finally agreed to meet me at a place just round the corner, ironically, the same place where Sirius had made his blunder.

He showed up a little late and I was afraid he was standing me up. Turns out, he’d just gotten off work late. I talked. I told him what a wonderful bloke Sirius was. I told him about all the pining Sirius had been doing, but reminded him that if he told Sirius I had said anything, I’d deny it. I told him everything. Basically I told him this story, up until well, this part. He kept smiling more and more until it was a full out grin. Turns out, Remus had quite the thing for Sirius, but thought that Sirius was just out to give Remus pity. Remus was a proud guy. I did everything I could, but Remus still walked away saying he’d think about it. I didn’t see him again until The Night.

Sirius got back and decided he needed to go to his bar. He’d spent far too many days being brow beaten by his parents and needed a few people to hit on him. He also warned me that if Remus turned him down again, he’d probably pull some other random bloke. He left and I followed him a few minutes later. I didn’t need to trail him or anything; I knew where he was headed. This night, Remus was wearing white shorts, white trainers and wings, long white fluffy angel wings, and of course the obligatory glitter. There was a difference that night. Remus was dancing just for Sirius. They never broke eye contact. Through out the night Sirius didn’t spare a single glance for the blokes he was turning down and Remus didn’t spare a glance for the blokes shoving cash in his pants. Last call came and Sirius headed over. He didn’t get a word out before Remus was kissing him, arms wrapping him in a tight embrace. I could see Sirius shiver from my spot on the other side of the bar. I suddenly felt like I was invading something very private. I jogged the whole way home.

The next morning Remus joined us for breakfast. It was all I could do to not say anything to Sirius about the glitter that was now stuck to his face. Remus never told Sirius about our meeting and I won’t either. It’s just what mates do!
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