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20 Random Facts about Hannah Abbott

Title: 20 Random Facts about Hannah Abbott
Author: rawtoast
Characters: Hannah Abbott with mentions of many others (mostly Hufflepuffs)
Rating: G
Word Count: 985
Notes: So, I've only ever written drabbles before, but this fic popped into my head while I was gardening and I figured I'd give it a try. Also, this fic would not have happened without my friends from Magic Days, so I suppose it's dedicated to them.

  1. At the time of her sorting, Hannah is shaking so badly she can hardly walk up to the three-legged stool. It would be alright if she weren’t first, but she is, and for this she curses alphabetical order.

  2. Soon, however, she sees a reason to be thankful for it. The moment Susan Bones joins her at the Hufflepuff table they click, and by the time Megan Jones comes along the two girls have already formed a special bond that will last through their time at Hogwarts.

  3. On Hannah’s twelfth birthday, Susan convinces a seventh year to show her how to get into the kitchen so she can make Hannah a cake. When Hannah finds out, she can hardly believe it. “But weren’t you afraid you’d get caught?” she asks. “It would be worth it,” Susan responds immediately.

  4. As a second year, Hannah feels very grown up. And then the Chamber is opened and she doesn’t know what to do or who to believe; the only thing she knows is that maybe twelve is quite young after all.

  5. When the Petrified students are finally revived, Hannah decides that it’s okay to hug a boy even if you don’t like him like him. She clings to Justin for a rather long time, but that doesn’t matter because everybody is eager to hug him tightly.

  6. In third year, the Hufflepuff girls make up a secret code and use it when they pass notes in class. When Ernie cracks the code, Hannah gives him all her best Chocolate Frog cards in exchange for his promise not to tell Zacharias Smith that she has a crush on him.

  7. Sometimes she uses the code when taking notes for her classes in hopes that when she goes back over them she will remember a bit of lighthearted fun rather than just hours and hours of Binns’ boring lectures.

  8. Every year during exam time Hannah works herself into a frenzy, revising and practicing spells and drawing up unrealistic study schedules. The only subject she doesn’t fret over is Herbology; she finds it impossible to be stressed when surrounded by plant life.

  9. Though Hannah believes her theory about Sirius Black being able to turn into a shrub is rather brilliant, nobody else seems to buy into it. It dawns on her that she’s much better at being convinced than being convincing.

  10. At first, Hannah refuses to wear a Support Cedric Diggory! badge because they’re mean to Harry Potter. However, when Zach offers her one, she reminds herself that she doesn’t have to display the “Potter Stinks” message if she doesn’t want to. She pins the badge onto her sweater.

  11. Hannah is ecstatic when Zacharias asks her to the Yule Ball, but she doesn’t realize that fourteen year old boys do not dance, even at dances. The fact that Zach won’t dance with her hurts even more than the blisters that are forming from her shoes. She spends most of the night wondering if he only asked her to the ball because Ernie told him to.

  12. One night after Astronomy, Hermione Granger pulls Hannah and Ernie aside to ask if they’d be interested in joining a Defence group she and her friends are forming. Hannah yawns, nods, and forgets about it until the next evening.

  13. Though they were asked to invite friends, Ernie and Hannah show up at the Hog’s Head that Saturday with only half of their Hufflepuff crew. The others doubt You-Know-Who’s return, and it’s just too risky to invite them to the meeting; it wouldn’t do to have one of them let Professor Umbridge know about it.

  14. Hannah’s never lied to her friends about something so big before, and it fills her with guilt. “Are you sure we’re doing the right thing?” she asks Susan one night after a DA meeting. “Yes, we are,” Susan responds gravely, “even though it’s not easy.” Neither one of them speaks on the way back to the dorm; they are both too busy remembering Cedric Diggory.

  15. She produces her first corporeal patronus in the summer between fifth and sixth year, but the moment she sees that it takes the form of a flamingo she flushes and the patronus dissolves into mist. Susan doesn’t mention it, and they move on to practicing defensive jinxes.

  16. After Ginny Weasley hexes Zacharias on the train, Hannah is there to help him clean the bat bogies off his face. He smiles at her, and they look at each other for a long moment before Hannah’s little sister opens the compartment door to ask for money to buy snacks. Jillian always did have rather unfortunate timing.

  17. On the day that Hannah is pulled out of Herbology and informed that her mother is dead, she is told that she has an hour to gather her belongings and her sister before their father shows up to take them home. She spends roughly one third of this time staring into her trunk, one third scrawling a note to her roommates, and the last third trying to get Jill to come out of the second year girls dormitory.

  18. When You-Know-Who and his supporters attack the castle, Hannah is terrified – for herself, for her sister, for her friends, for all the innocent students in the wrong place at the wrong time, just as her mother was. But when Ernie asks if they could stay and fight, she doesn’t panic. Though she hadn’t seen it at the time, this is exactly what the DA had been for.

  19. However, one member of the DA chooses to run with his tail between his legs. It is in this moment that Hannah wonders what she ever saw in Zacharias Smith.

  20. When Harry Potter’s body lies limp on the ground and Neville still charges toward You-Know-Who, Hannah decides he is the bravest person she has ever known. He shouts “Dumbledore’s Army!” and she thinks she has never cheered louder in her life.
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