Christie (sam_can_do_it) wrote in sortinghat_fics,

Title: Great (this is a relative term) Minds Think Alike
Author: Christie//Ravenclaw
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Ron, Ginny/Draco, Hermione and all the Weasleys
Rating: G
Summary: Harry and Ron have a similar gift giving ideas

December 20th

“Ginny, are you sure Ron won’t think this is utterly and completely ridiculous?” Harry asked Ginny for the thousandth time since he had picked her up from the burrow. They were walking down a street in muggle London toward the shop where Harry had ordered Ron’s gift. Harry wanted Ginny’s specific opinion on his present for his boyfriend, her brother.

“It’s sweet, Harry,” Ginny stated with a giggle, throwing her arm around his shoulders. “Worse case scenario, he’ll laugh a little and then shag your brains out because he thinks it’s cute. You really don’t have to worry; Ron thinks everything you do is adorable.”

“I’m a pathetic sappy loser.”

“You are a sweet, wonderful boyfriend who just happens to be a little bit on the sappy side,” Ginny said with a giggle, massaging Harry’s shoulders lightly. “You’re the bottom aren’t you?”

Harry choked on the air and blushed from head to two. “Merlin’s beard Ginny, why are you asking me that?”

“As the ex-girlfriend and the sister, I think I have a right to ask.”

“Tell me about yourself and Malfoy and I’ll tell you about Ron and me!”

“Draco is totally my bitch. He’s so whipped he basically does anything I say, not that he minds in bed,” Ginny said, reveling in the fact that Harry had turned even redder.

“Bloody Hell, I really didn’t want to know that!”

“Your turn,” Ginny smirked again.

“Oh for Merlin’s sake Ginny, yes, I’m the bottom. Your brother fucks me up the arse on a regular basis!”

“I love messing with you,” Ginny giggled, kissing Harry on the cheek.


“Spill,” Ron said as Harry entered 12 Grimmauld Place carrying several bags. “What’d you get me and why did my sister need to help?”

“What makes you think I was out buying your present today?” Harry asked handing Ron his packages. “Like a good boyfriend, I had your gift secured weeks ago.” Harry smiled warmly as his lover dug through the bags and only found wrapping paper and other such simple items. Ron was too distracted to notice Harry check his pocket for Ron’s gift.

“So, what did you need Ginny’s help for?” Ron asked, brow furrowing in confusion and lower lip sticking out in a disappointed pout.

“Did you know I have the cutest boyfriend in the whole world?” Harry asked, leaning forward to nibble the protruding lower lip, successfully distracting Ron from silly questions that he didn’t need the answers to just yet.

December 24th

“Honestly Ronald,” Hermione huffed. “I would have figured you would have gotten Harry’s present weeks ago!”

“I did, technically,” Ron shrugged. “I just need a final opinion.” Hermione sighed in exasperation. Ron and Hermione were walking down a street in muggle London toward the shop where Ron had ordered Harry’s gift.

“Am I pathetic?” Ron asked.

“For waiting until Christmas Eve to buy your boyfriend’s gift, yes. For the gift itself, no. Actually, it’s really sweet. You’re finally making a gesture of love without Harry having to do it first.”

“You know that means I’m stupid, right? It doesn’t mean that I don’t love Harry. I do love him you know.”

“I know, Ron.” The two stopped for a quick hug and then continued on to the shop.


Draco was placing the gifts he and Ginny had just finished wrapping under the tree. There were two small packages that caught his eye. Both were tiny boxes nearly identical in size. One was very neatly wrapped in gold paper with a red bow and tag that read “To Ron, From Harry” in a delicate flowing script. The other appeared slightly bigger on account of the sloppy wrapping job. It was wrapped in red paper and gold ribbon and had a tag that read “To Harry, From Ron” in Ron’s big sloppy lettering.

“Bloody Gryffindors,” Draco said out loud. “They get each other the exact same thing and they can’t even wrap gifts in anything but Gryffindor colors.”

December 25th

“Harry, you awake?” Ron was shaking Harry’s shoulder. “Come on baby wake up, it’s Christmas!”

“Did you know that you are even cute when you wake me at ridiculous hours of the morning?” Harry asked, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“Please get up. I can’t wait for you to open your present!”

Despite Ron’s pleading, Harry waited for the rest of the Weasleys, and other assorted guests, to come down before opening his gift. Luckily, most of the Weasleys were just about as patient as Ron and everyone was downstairs before 6:30.

“Here you go, Ron,” Harry said handing Ron his gift. “Open yours first.”

Ron was far too impatient to start a no-you-open-yours-first type of argument. He ripped the shiny gold paper and opened the small box on the inside. He gasped when he saw the simple gold band staring back at him.

“Ron, love, will you marry me?”

The entire room fell silent. Molly’s eyes were full of tears, Ginny was grinning and Hermione looked shocked. All eyes were trained on Ron.

Ron looked up at Harry and started laughing. Ron collapsed onto Harry’s lap in fits of laughter. Just before Harry was about to shove Ron off and go up to their room to pout, Ron thrust his gift to Harry into his hands. Harry opened his gift and suddenly got the joke as he looked at an identical shiny gold band.

“Harry, I’d ask you to marry me, but since you already asked, I’m going to just assume this works for an answer.”

Harry tackled Ron to the floor and kissed him soundly, to the sounds of a room full of cheering Weasleys.
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