Christie (sam_can_do_it) wrote in sortinghat_fics,

Title: Murray
Author: Christie//Ravenclaw
Chracters/Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Word Count: 593
Rating: PG13 for implications
Warnings: Slash and Fluffiness

Remus looked out the window of his bed-sit. There was only one window and it looked out on the courtyard. Normal humans would call it an airshaft, but realtors and ridiculously cheerful werewolves still referred to it as a courtyard.

"It's got a tree!" Remus would argue. "Who would plant a tree in an airshaft?"

"A landlord trying to charge an extra ten quid for his crappy little bed-sit!" Sirius would reply critically.

Sirius' disapproval had always crushed Remus. Today, however, as he looked out at the top of the lovely flowering tree in his Courtyard he knew the truth. He'd known Sirius wanted Remus to move in with him for ages now, but he was wrong about the Why. Remus always assumed it was the money thing, or lack there of, that was a direct effect of the werewolf thing. Remus didn't want his friend's charity or his pity.

When Sirius had kissed him last night, which led directly to the groping and the removal of clothing and then the most amazing shag of Remus' life, Remus finally caught on. Sirius didn't want Remus to share a flat out of pity, he just wanted Remus.

"I see how it is," Sirius grumbled as he wrapped his arms around Remus' waist. "I do all the heavy lifting while you stand here and say goodbye to your tree in the airshaft?"

"It's a courtyard and do you have any idea how sexy you look doing all that heavy lifting, rippling muscles and all that."

"So, you just want me for my body?" Sirius chuckled.

"And your hair, and your eyes, and your smile and your heart and your soul and… you know I can keep going like this for hours and that won't get us to the shagging any faster."

"To be continued then." Sirius released his boyfriend and prepared himself to carry the next box of books down to the truck the Prewetts loaned them.

"Sirius, can I ask you a question before we get back to work?"

"Course, Moony, anything to take a break from book moving."

"How long?" Remus asked, looking at his shoes.

Sirius raised one elegant eyebrow. "How long… what, Moony?"

"Last night when we…."

"Shagged each other senseless?"

Remus blushed. "Yes, that. Well, you said something like 'wanted this for so long', and I was just wondering how long?"

"Well…" Now Sirius blushed and looked at his feet. "Honestly, since about fourth year. Well, maybe fifth year. I was pretty confused fourth year. Only certain parts of my anatomy consciously wanted you then, if you understand."

"Good grief, we are idiots."

"What do you mean?"

"I've wanted you for about the same length of time."

"Bloody hell, what took you so long?" Sirius pulled Remus into his arms.

"What do you mean ME?" Remus asked laughing against Sirius' shoulder. "Shouldn't you be saying We?"

"Come on Moony, you're the smart one. We know I'm thick!"

The two boys stayed laughing in each others arms for a moment as a gentle April breeze blew in from the courtyard/airshaft. Reluctantly, they released each other and got back to work.

"So, curry take-away for dinner?" Sirius asked picking up one of the last two remaining boxes.

"Sounds good," Remus responded to Sirius' retreating back. When he thought Sirius was out of earshot he turned to his window and looked at his tree. "So long Murray. You've been a good friend in the year I've been here. I'll miss you."

"YOU DID NOT REALLY NAME THE TREE!" Sirius bellowed up the stairs.
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