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Sun King ~ Sirius Black/Remus Lupin

Title: Sun King
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sirius Black/Remus Lupin
Summery: It's the first official day of summer for the Marauders.
Author's Note: Written for Prompt #47 'Summer' at slash_100. Was partly inspired by The Beatles song Sun King
Disclaimer: All of the characters mentioned here belong to JK Rowling.
Feedback: Yes please

“Moony’s the Sun King!” Sirius declared laying an intricate crown of daisies upon Remus’ sun kissed golden brown hair.

Remus raised an eyebrow as Sirius fell back onto his arse in the grass “Why me?”

“Yeah why him?” James asked, his bottom lip sticking out in a pout. It wasn’t that James wanted to wear a crown made of daisies, but he’d been the one who’d had to put up with Sirius’ apparent Beatles obsession since they returned home for the summer Holidays and he thought it only fair that if anyone deserved any title with king in it, it was him. It wasn’t that James didn’t like the Beatles, in fact he liked them just as much as the next teenager; Muggle or Wizard, but almost the moment they’d set foot in the house Sirius had been playing Abbey Road or Revolver over and over again and James often found himself humming either Octopus’s Garden or Here Comes the Sun when he least expected it.

“Because unlike you, Prongsie, the Sun King doesn’t go all wibbly.” Sirius flashed a grin showing off his straight teeth, one of the signs of his aristocratic upbringing.

James stuck his tongue out at Sirius as Remus attempted to remove the ring of flowers from his head. “Pads, wibbly isn’t even a word.”

“It is now.” Sirius slapped Remus’ hand away from his head, “Moony, you’re going to ruin it.”

“Isn’t Moony being the Sun King an oxymoron or something like that?” Peter asked using one hand to shield his eyes from the sun as he watched his friends.

Sirius brought one hand to his chin and feigned a look of deep thought. “Quite possibly, but I can never tell the difference between irony and an oxymoron.”

“Sirius, I look ridiculous.” The teenaged lycanthrope protested trying to no avail to remove the flowers once more. It was the first official day of summer, school was over for another year and the four Marauders were currently situated under an old Oak tree in the Potters’ backyard, lounging and generally being lazy.

“So if Moony’s the Sun King does that make you his Sun Queen, Pads?” James smirked at his best friend.

Sirius threw a small handful of grass blades at James “Don’t be daft. I’m Mean Mr. Mustard. Peter is Polythene Pam,” the light haired boy arched an eyebrow at Sirius. “And you, my friend, are Maxwell.”

“Maxwell?” James inquired brushing the blades of grass off his jeans. “And who might I ask is Maxwell?”

Sirius looked as if James had committed some heinous crime and let out a disappointed sigh. “The bloke with the silver hammer, Prongs. You know, Bang, Bang Maxwell’s Silver Hammer came down on his head.”

“Can I hit you in the head with this hammer?” Peter and Remus sniggered.

“Wow James, that’s so incredibly witty.” Sirius threw another handful of grass blades at the bespectacled boy. “Did you come up with that all on your own?”

“Sirius, can I please take this thing off my head?” Remus groaned; being a gay teenaged werewolf was enough for him without the addition of flowers in his hair.

The former Black heir simply stared at his boyfriend for a moment before responding in a manner that caused James to groan and flop down on his back in the grass.

“Quando paramucho mi amore de felice carathon.” Sirius moved impossibly closer to Remus, his breath ghosted over the boy’s neck and face, “Mundo paparazzi mi amore cicce Verdi parasol. Questo abrigado tantamucho que canite carousel.” He delighted in the faint blush painting Remus’ cheeks.

“Do you even know what language that is?” Peter asked, he was extremely impressed that Sirius had been able to memorize the foreign language.

“I know that mi amore means ‘my love’.” Sirius didn’t actually look at Peter as he said this as he was too busy nuzzling his nose against Remus’ throat. “And that’s all that really matters.”

James rolled his hazel eyes, pulling himself up to sitting again and turned to Peter “Why don’t we leave the Sun King and Queen alone,” Queen was said a little louder and directly in Sirius and Remus’ direction then the rest of the sentence. “And go see if my mother needs any help with lunch.”

“That’s probably a good idea.” Peter got to his feet and him and James headed towards the house leaving the other two Marauders to their own devices.

Once sure that James and Peter had gone into the house, Sirius pounced on Remus, knocking him backwards into the grass and began attacking Remus’ neck with his mouth; the daisy crown falling from Remus’ head in the process.

“Sirius,” Remus squirmed beneath the other boy, trying hopelessly to push him off, “Sirius, what if James’ parents see?”

“They won’t see.” Sirius mumbled against his skin, running one hand up Remus’ side beneath his shirt, “Prongs will keep them busy.”

“You can’t be serious about this?” True he and Sirius had shagged in some interesting places since they’d gotten together, but James’ backward in broad daylight was not one of those places and if Remus had his way wouldn’t be added to that list.

Sirius removed his hand from under his shirt and propped himself up on an elbow, smirking down at Remus, getting lost momentarily in those gorgeous amber eyes. “Don’t fret, my Moony, I simply wanted a taste of the Sun King.” Remus’ blush deepened at Sirius’ words. “I might be a tad bit of an exhibitionist, but James witnessing us having sex twice is plenty.”

Remus quirked an eyebrow at him “A tad bit of an exhibitionist? And if I remember correctly you didn’t exactly tell James to leave either time he walked in on us.”

“Alright so maybe I don’t care if James sees, but I couldn’t possibly chance Mrs. Potter seeing. After all I’m the pure, tormented lost little boy she took in to protect from his evil mean family.”

“Pure? More like impure, Sirius.” His lips turned up slowly at the corners.

Now Sirius couldn’t exactly deny that and he had no desire to, “Impure as the driven yellow snow.” Sirius didn’t give Remus a chance to respond as he lowered his head, pressing their lips together in a chaste kiss before sitting up completely and frowning “Oh dear.”

“What is it?” Remus asked, still lying on his back in the grass.

Sirius reached over him to retrieve the crown of daises from there it had fallen, forgotten by the Sirius-appointed Sun King. “Your crown is all crushed.”

Remus wore a look of mock disappointment on his face as he sat up and pulled the flowers from his boyfriend’s hands. His eyes scanned the ring of daisies before stopping on the least crushed one, which he separated from the rest and tucked behind Sirius’ ear along with a lock of black hair. “I suppose I’ll just have to be the Sun King without his crown.” He leaned forward, giving Sirius a quick peck on the lips before standing and holding his hand out for him “Let’s go see if lunch is ready.”

“That’s a spiffing idea, King Moony.” He slid his hand into Remus’ and the two headed towards the house. The slightly bent daisy still tucked snuggly behind Sirius’ ear.
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