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Title: Puppy
Author: Christie//Ravenclaw
Word Count: 1358
Characters/Pairings: Remus/Sirius
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Fluffiness and a little bit of angst

Feedback is Love

Sirius needed to talk to Remus. It was very important. Sirius, however, couldn't find Remus. He'd popped over to Remus' flat to tell him the important thing, but Remus wasn't home yet. So, Sirius popped over to that little book shop on Diagon Alley that Remus had been clerking at for far too many hours a day, six days a week.

"Hello, Mr…" Sirius couldn't remember Remus' boss' name. It was silly. One of those long ones with a "ey" right in the middle.

"If you're looking for that friend of yours," Mr. Stupid-ey-name practically spat the word friend. "He is no longer working here! I don't work with werewolves."

Sirius fought back the desire to break this man's nose. The only thing that prevented him, was the knowledge that Remus was out in the city somewhere, horribly depressed. He slammed his way out of the store. Sirius found Remus at the Leaky Cauldron, drinking firewhiskey and giggling like no eighteen-year-old boy should.

"Hey, Padfoot!" Remus squealed, nearly falling off of his bar stool in attempt to hug his friend. Sirius crossed to Remus in two steps and caught Remus. "Been fired 'gain," Remus smirked as Sirius set him back in the stool.

"Maybe we should go home," Sirius suggested.

"Your place or mine?" Remus said, waggling his eyebrows and nearly falling off his bar stool, again.

"Mine," Sirius sighed. "You don't have floo access and you are in no condition to apparate."

"Bully! You've got more alcohol than me!"

Sirius paid Remus' tab, which he'd never be allowed to do if Remus was sober. He steered Remus to the fireplace and they flooed back to Sirius' flat together; Sirius didn't trust Remus to stand on his own at that moment. When they landed, Remus broke away from Sirius' grip and aimed himself towards the alcohol cabinet. Sirius was fully prepared to stop Remus drinking anymore, but, luckily, so was the floor. Remus landed very ungracefully. He entered another fit of giggles.

"Paddy, I'm on the floor."

You do NOT find this adorable. He's hurting and you have to help him not drink himself to death. Well, you do find it adorable, but you must keep him alive. Sirius berated himself staring at the giggling, squirming Remus on the floor.

"Paddy, I want somethin' to drink!"

Sirius pulled Remus up and placed him delicately on the sofa. "I'll get you something if you be a good puppy and stay here."

"'M not a puppy. You're the puppy. Bring me somethin' good."

Sirius returned with a very large glass of water. He handed the glass to Remus and sat on the other end of the sofa. He pulled Remus' feet into his lap and began removing his shoes and socks.

"Hey!" Remus whined. "This is water."

"Yes, water, and if you’re a good boy, I might let you have another drink with alcohol in it." Sirius responded.

"Funny, init?"

"What's funny, Moony?"

"'M usually takin' care of drunk Padsfoot."

"I'd call it fair."

"I had a date tother night."

"Really?" Sirius tried his hardest not to sound jealous.

"Yup, Lily set me up with this bird named… somethin'. I'm sure she had a name."

"Did you have a good time?"

"No, was bloody awful! She giggled lot. She was pretty. Not as pretty as you though. Too blonde."

Remus sipped his water silently for a while, too drunk to mind Sirius staring at him. When the silence had stretched out too long, Remus began tickling Sirius' side with his toes.

"Bad puppy!" Sirius said, capturing Remus' ankles in his hands.

"'M not a puppy! 'M a bloody wolf! Grrrrrr." Remus dove for Sirius, knocking his water to the ground. Sirius caught Remus' miss-aimed lunge and pulled him into a tight embrace. Sirius could feel his shirt dampen with Remus' tears. "Pads, can I not be a werewolf anymore?"

Sirius knew not to answer that; there was no right answer except to let Remus cry. Sirius silently held Remus for several minutes. After several minutes Remus shifted again. He twisted in Sirius' arms and kissed Sirius on the lips. Sirius couldn't think, the taste of Remus was intoxicating. When Remus' hand dropped to Sirius' crotch and started massaging, Sirius was brought back to his senses. He shoved Remus back to the other side of the sofa.

"Pads, I want you!"

"Bloody Hell, Moony. I want you to, but not like this. You're drunk and hurting and I won't take advantage of you like that. You mean too much to me."

"But, I've been waiting so long."

"Me too, Moony. I've been waiting for a long time. I can wait until tomorrow."

Remus began snuffling and the tears started up again. "You think I'm worth waiting for?"

"I'd wait for you forever, Moony."

Remus curled himself into Sirius' arms again. Sirius put Remus in his bed and spent a sleepless night on the sofa. Just before dawn, Sirius stopped trying to sleep. He made a pot of tea and put a hangover potion in it. He put a warming charm on the tea, left a note for Remus and left the flat, transforming into Padfoot in the deserted hallway.


Remus found the note when he stumbled out of Sirius' bedroom.

Morning Moony,
Have a cup of tea. It's still warm and there's something for your hangover in it. I had to get some fresh air. I'll be at the park down the street. If I'm not back when you get up, come join me, if you feel up to it.

Remus smiled and had a cup of tea before heading out. He jogged to the park, feeling invigorated from the tea and hangover potion. He didn't remember everything from the night before, but the little flashes he did remember: like the taste of Sirius' lips and 'I'd wait forever for you. Moony', desperately made him want to find his friend.

When he got to the park he did a quick scan for tall, dark, and handsome and couldn't find Sirius. A bark and a large amount of giggling made Remus see that he should have been looking for furry, dark, and slobbering. Padfoot was rolling and romping with five little children; it was absolutely adorable. Remus sat on a bench and watched his puppy play with the children. After several more minutes of puppy play, Padfoot paused to pant and let the children catch their breath. Padfoot caught sight, or smell, of Remus then, and he bounded over. He was followed by a parade of giggling children. Padfoot reached Remus and began licking the werewolf's face.

"Don't worry Mister. Blacky won't bite!" Said the first child that caught up.

"Oh, is he your dog?" Asked the second.

"Yes, Remus responded. He's mine. His name is Padfoot."

"Well, thanks for letting us play with him." The first child said again.

"You're welcome, but I need to take him home now. Say goodbye to your friends Pads."

Sirius pounced on the smallest, and last, child, licking his face thoroughly. He did a barking circle around the children before returning to Remus' side.

"I promise to bring him around again!" Remus said to the giggling children.

Sirius stayed as Padfoot for the entire walk home. Remus sat on the sofa and waited for Sirius to change back; he didn’t. Padfoot crawled up on the sofa and turned on his back with his head in Remus' lap. Remus began to rub Padfoot's belly.

"I don't think I'll be able to afford my rent if I don't get a new job by tomorrow," Remus sighed.

Sirius shifted back from dog to boy. "Move in here." Sirius' hand joined Remus' on his chest.

"You'd actually want me?"

"So, you don't remember last night then."

Remus leaned down and kissed Sirius. "I was afraid I was remembering something wrong."

"So, you're moving in this time?"

"I get an apartment and a boyfriend all in the same day? I don't know if I can take that much excitement."

Sirius pulled Remus into another kiss. The two boys spent the rest of their day on the sofa.
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